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Hey! 👋 I'm Afzal Hussein

I'm currently building SIMPLEY.

Welcome to my website


Projects / work

1. YouTube

Weekly career-focused videos for students and graduates

I started uploading career-focused advice videos on my YouTube channel towards the latter end of 2018 as an experiment. I realised nobody in the world of banking and finance was sharing insider tips and insights to breaking in, particularly for students and graduates without any connections or experience within the industry.

The response was amazing and the channel has now grown to over 45,000 subscribers.

2. Skillshare

In-depth FREE online courses for students and graduates

I'm a teacher on Skillshare which is a great platform for online learning. Skillshare allows me to teach in-depth classes online to a global audience of individuals most interested in specific topics around careers.

At present, I have 2 courses on Skillshare:

1. Creating the Perfect Investment Banking and Consulting CV/Résumé

2. Investment Banking Divisions Explained

Keep an eye out for future courses.

3. CV Doctor

Free resources, CV/résumé, and cover letter help

CV Doctor started out as a consulting company focused on helping students, graduates and professionals break into banking, finance, consulting, and other aspirational careers.

As a career consultant, my time was limited. As such, I am currently building Simpley, a scalable solution to career consulting.

However, you can still explore the CV Doctor website for free resources, CV/résumé, and cover letter help.



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