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for entry-level roles across banking, finance, consulting, tech and the startup world.

Best of all, I'll do it faster and at a lower price than any other recruitment company or consultant



It's not science


Flat placement fee

£2,500 (excluding VAT) regardless of placed candidate's base salary.

Access to over 100,000 students and graduates

I am personally connected to more than 100,000 (and growing) students and graduates across LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. This makes sourcing strong candidates for any given role straightforward.


Risk-free hiring

You only pay 50% of the placement fee upon placement. The remaining 50% is only paid after successful completion of a 3-month probation period by the candidate.

High quality, low cost alternative

Being an independent recruitment consultant means less overhead costs compared to traditional recruitment agencies and companies. This means you pay a fraction of what you might typically expect to pay elsewhere.

Sourcing taken care of

Vetting and sourcing are taken care of so all you have to do is interview.

Constant pipeline of candidates

Benefit from a frequently updated and growing pipeline of talent.


Social media influencer with access to talent

I have a growing global following of over 100,000 students and graduates across LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.


Successful career consultant

I started my career at Goldman Sachs and realised I was better at, and found greater satisfaction in, helping entry-level talent break into world class organisations. I've helped hundreds of individuals secure roles across competitive industries and companies of all sizes. 


I vet every potential candidate

I will only ever put up to 2 candidates forward for any given role. I vet candidates and put them forward for roles if I truly believe they have the potential to secure the offer and flourish in the role. This saves the company, the candidate and myself a lot of time in the long run.

Trust, transparency and strong relationships

My audience know and trust me. My personable, transparent approach to providing career guidance and placing candidates in the most suitable roles have allowed me to significantly grow my talent pool and help both candidates and companies.

Investment banking, finance, consulting, tech and startups

Whether you're a 2 person startup looking to hire an intern or a 50,000+ employee organisation I can help you find the best entry-level talent.

Access to universities

As a visiting lecturer as part of my annual university tour I have strong relationships with a broad range of university societies across the UK and Europe.



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